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December 11, 2016


TOP: Neighborhood Boutique  / BOTTOMS: JCPenny / PURSE: Similar HERE and HERE PEACOAT: Old, Similar HERE and HERE / Boots: JCPenney HAIR EXTENSIONS: My Fantasy Hair (Use promo: “JANE” for discount)

Hey guys! I have learned that my new favorite trend is to wear a really neutral outfit and then dress it up with some hints of color! Also, another one of my absolute favorite trends are these shirts with the choker collar! AH I love it so  so much! It totally elongates your neck and it is so unique! I was so excited to finally get my hand on one of these thanks to The Neighborhood Boutique. If you guys haven’t seen their website yet, be sure to check them out! Their clothing is so cute and trendy, I love it!

Ok so I am SO excited about today’s blog post! I have some amazing tips for you guys on how to make a few extra bucks and FINALLY be able to buy that new sweater, purse, or pair of shoes you’ve been dying to get!

Sometimes it can be hard to afford cute clothes, ESPECIALLY if you’re in college like me! I am constantly fawning over the next big thing, always keeping products in my online shopping cart in the event that I somehow DO get to buy it. But money doesn’t grow on trees so sometimes you just have to live with what you have!!… OR DO YOU?…. 

Guys, I have a secret for you! The clothes that you are not loving/ wearing in the back of your closet may be something that other people may WANT! ORRR something that people will PAY FOR. Lately, I have gotten into the whole idea of selling my clothes/ things that I don’t need anymore. In just one day this week, I made $100!! Just by selling a dress that doesn’t fit me, an old pair of hair extensions that I no longer wear, and some old boots! Seriously guys, I SWEAR by this! You can make a lot of moolah by selling some of your old things! 


I have an answer for you:) There’s an app called Mercari that I have been using for months! I have already made a couple hundred dollars off of it by selling makeup/ clothes/ handbags, etc! It’s a really great app and it’s super safe as well! If you buy something from another person, the money will not get released to them until you receive your package and give them a rating. Also, if you purchase something and the product you get isn’t what the description said it would be, the app will issue a refund so you won’t have to lose money on something you didn’t expect!


Use the code: PUJKCR when you sign up and it will automatically give you a couple bucks in credit so you can start spending OR saving right away! I seriously love this app. It’s my automatic go-to whenever I need to sell something! It’s so easy to list, sell, or purchase things! Not to mention.. they have SO many sweet deals of anything you can think of. I bought a slightly used pair of Rainbow flip flops for $15! They are originally $50! So yeah. Best place to sell things you don’t need anymore! Be sure to check it out!


• Take care of all of your current clothes so in the future, you aways have the option to sell!
• Buying slightly used items is a great way to get a big discount!
• You can’t expect to make much from old, ratty clothing. If you’re looking to make some big bucks, try selling some expensive makeup you don’t use!
• Selling clothes that still have the price tag on them makes way more money than ones that don’t!
• Always check for authenticity on products. There are a lot of knock offs you want to avoid if necessary! (example: Kylie Lipkits! I almost bought one for $16 but then it seemed too good to be true! I checked the seller’s ratings and they had a lot of bad reviews! People wrote that they had been sold fake, unauthentic items from the seller!)

• SO going along with that^, always check people’s ratings to make sure they are honest!
• BE HONEST IN YOUR LISTINGS! Don’t make a used product sound like it’s brand new. It will only give you bad ratings, and a possible mandatory return! Mercari has a policy that if an item is not what was described, a return can begin and aint nobody got time for that! Honesty is the best policy, am I right;)

Be sure to let me know how this works for you! Now go start making money you babes! Thanks for reading! xo

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